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About ArtScience Prize

The ArtScience Prize is an international program led by ArtScience Labs Executive Director Carrie Fitzsimmons that brings innovation education to high school and college students in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The ASP, with hub in Boston with the Boston Public Schools led by Dishon Mills, provides a new platform for innovation education that complements classical teaching in high school and university settings internationally.

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artscience labs

We enter a lab to explore and discover, and each minute inside should be like turning the page of a smart novel.

Art and Science, while commonly encountered as creative outcomes, are, as creative processes, inherently intertwined in the unpredictable arc of laboratory creation.

ArtScience Labs is at the epicenter of these principals:

  • In ArtScience Labs we curate this interdisciplinary creative process to produce learning, works of cultural value, and products that aim at commercial and humanitarian benefit.ArtScience Labs is a network of organizations that catalyze idea translation through art and design experiments at frontiers of science.

  • ArtScience Labs is conceived as a sustainable art and design lab that effects positive change through the public dialog of cultural incubation.Have a look around. Engage your curiosity. At ArtScience Labs we encourage your thoughts, ideas and participation.