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About ArtScience Labs

ArtScience Labs (ASL) is a network of three small creative labs founded by David Edwards in the USA and France.  At ASL cultural experiments at frontiers of science with leading artists, designers, engineers, scientists and students produce works of art and design that are exhibited in educational, cultural, and commercial galleries.  The innovative ideas expressed by these works frequently evolve through experimentation inside ASL and within ASL partner and ASL-inspired organizations.

  • Three organizations comprise ASL. The Lab Paris, or Le Laboratoire, is the first ArtScience Lab.  Founded in 2007, The Lab Paris is a close partner to major cultural institutions in Paris and the home of two or three original cultural experiments each year. These experiments, initiated by leading international artists and designers, have since the opening of The Lab Paris produced works of art and design now in permanent museum collections, galleries, and stores around the world. The Lab Cambridge is the latest ArtScience Lab.  Set to open in early 2014, The Lab Cambridge will be a close partner to major biotech, high tech and education organizations and the home of the educational programs developed since the early 2000s based on David Edwards’ teaching methods at Harvard University. The Lab Cambridge will, from its opening, host the works of art and design developed at The Lab Paris, while The Lab Paris will participate in the educational programs developed at The Lab Cambridge.

  • Through these two Labs the major cultural institutions of Paris meet up with the major technology and research institutions of Cambridge. The Lab Store is the third ArtScience Lab.  This translational and retail organization develops the novel technologies and designs of David Edwards and his collaborators and exhibits these works in original experimental retail stores in Paris and Cambridge. ArtScience Labs remains today a small dynamic organization of around 20 full time employees in France and the USA.  A close partner with Harvard University, The Walt Disney Company, and other international educational and commercial organizations, ArtScience Labs seeks to maintain an intimate fast-reacting environment that, with its spinoff organizations and partners, aims at charitable goals by way of a blend of educational, cultural and commercial translational mechanisms. Fully sustained by the products and programs of ArtScience Lab Inspired organizations, ArtScience Labs provides available resources for idea development of young people around the world.

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We enter a lab to explore and discover, and each minute inside should be like turning the page of a smart novel.

Art and Science, while commonly encountered as creative outcomes, are, as creative processes, inherently intertwined in the unpredictable arc of laboratory creation.

ArtScience Labs is at the epicenter of these principals:

  • In ArtScience Labs we curate this interdisciplinary creative process to produce learning, works of cultural value, and products that aim at commercial and humanitarian benefit.ArtScience Labs is a network of organizations that catalyze idea translation through art and design experiments at frontiers of science.

  • ArtScience Labs is conceived as a sustainable art and design lab that effects positive change through the public dialog of cultural incubation.Have a look around. Engage your curiosity. At ArtScience Labs we encourage your thoughts, ideas and participation.