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About The Inspired

Among ArtScience Labs Inspired organizations that have spun out of ASL in recent years are AeroDesigns, a Polaris Venture Partners and Flagship Ventures startup company in Cambridge Massachusetts founded with British entrepreneur and CEO Tom Hadfield that develops a range of aerosol nutrition products including The AeroShotQuantum Sensations, a joint-venture between David Edwards and Philippe Starck that develops novel sprays that provide strong sensations in tiny quantities, an affiliate of AeroDesigns; and WikiCell Designs, another Polaris Venture Partners and Flagship Ventures startup company in Cambridge Massachusetts founded with American entrepreneur Robert Connelly that develops a broad platform of edible packaging for food and drink.

  • ArtScience Labs is strongly committed to improving the human condition and the environment through human creativity.  Its ArtScience Labs Inspired products contribute to improved ecological living (as in Andrea, the first commercial plant-based filter, or WikiCells, edible packaging), easier access to precious resources (as in CellBag, a 21st century gourd that has special utility in dry developing world conditions and is being developed in a partnership with Pretoria University in South Africa), and improved nutrition (as in many of the products of aerosol cuisine commercialized via AeroDesigns).

  • Its cultural programs, notably the exhibition programs at The Lab Paris and The Lab Cambridge, engage creators and the public in a fresh, dynamic dialog around provocative experimental art ideas, as in recent projects led by the South African artist William Kentridge, the Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda, and the Amercian artist James Nachtwey - and transformative design ideas, as in recent projects with designers Philippe Starck, Marc Bretillot, and Mathieu Lehanneur.

artscience labs

We enter a lab to explore and discover, and each minute inside should be like turning the page of a smart novel.

Art and Science, while commonly encountered as creative outcomes, are, as creative processes, inherently intertwined in the unpredictable arc of laboratory creation.

ArtScience Labs is at the epicenter of these principals:

  • In ArtScience Labs we curate this interdisciplinary creative process to produce learning, works of cultural value, and products that aim at commercial and humanitarian benefit.ArtScience Labs is a network of organizations that catalyze idea translation through art and design experiments at frontiers of science.

  • ArtScience Labs is conceived as a sustainable art and design lab that effects positive change through the public dialog of cultural incubation.Have a look around. Engage your curiosity. At ArtScience Labs we encourage your thoughts, ideas and participation.